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FINALLY- Say Goodbye To Paying HUGE Monthly For SEO Optimized Content Once & For All?

Futuristic GPT-NLP Technology That Creates Limitless High Quality SEO Optimized UNIQUE Neil Patel TM Styled Content & Studio Quality Podcasts For Your Niche Blogs, Business Websites, Article Sites, Backlinks In Just 60 Seconds

Now you don't have to worry about Content , You can Use KonPod for – 

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✅ Sell Article Services  ✅ Create Unique Podcasts  ✅ Autopost on Blogs, WordPress websites 

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[+] 6 WhiteLabel Rights Software

B0nus 1: KonPod Article Rewriter (WhiteLabel Rights)

Text Spinner is an advanced, responsive, and automatic text rewriter. It can instantly rewrite
any data into SEO-friendly unique content. Helps to avoid duplicate content penalties from
search engines. Therefore you can generate unlimited SEO-friendly unique content from any
platform. Mostly rewritten text is human-readable text and 100% unique from other services.
So, very useful for mass posting blogs and web services. This is a web-based application that
can create multiple variations of a specific article

B0nus 2: KonPod Marketplace  (WhiteLabel Rights)

It is a complete solution for Multi-Vendor Digital Content Marketplace. This CMS Includes
almost everything you need to make a Digital Product Marketplace. Paypal, Stripe are integrated
for easy payment transactions.

B0nus 3: KonPod Content Management System (WhiteLabel Rights)

The cloud-based software that takes care of ALL of your content creation needs.
All you have to do is give the software a keyword, This App then automatically fetches
the relevant YouTube videos and converts what is spoken into your site’s content

B0nus 4: Temporary Email System (WhiteLabel Rights)

It is a simple to use, fast and mobile-ready temporary email system with an impressive
feature set Where you can use a temporary email.

B0nus 5: KonPodSpy – The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools (WhiteLabel Rights)

The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO package including visitor analytics
(unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit, traffic analysis,
top referrer, new & returning visitor, content overview, country & browser report, os & 
device report etc.), web analytics (Alexa data, whois data, social media data, moz check,
search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check ), SEO tools (link analysis,
keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, page status check, etc.)

B0nus 6: KonPod Job Finder (WhiteLabel Rights)

With the KonPod Job Finder script, you can start your own fully automated job search engine
affiliate website within minutes. Let your visitors search millions of jobs published on
thousands of websites in the world and earn money by driving traffic to the original job
listing website.

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[+] 5 Exclusive Software

B0nus 1: KonPodcast Hosting

KonPodcast is a set of tools for podcast hosting and management.

B0nus 2: Searchengine for your Website

You can use this for smaller and medium websites. A database is not needed.
The website will be crawled from the defined baseurl.The links will be collected
and the content cached – so future searches are faster.

B0nus 3: Password Protection

With this you have a very simple way to protect your webpage content with a
password just by adding one line of PHP-Code to your page.

B0nus 4: KonPod Website Review

Website Review is a free SEO tool that provides you with content analysis of the website.
This app provides full information about links and meta tags of the chosen domain.

B0nus 5: Restore Webistes

If you don’t want to worry about users having access to the default demo content
for your website but also want to offer them the privilege of fully accessing all the
website features this is the software.

B0nus 6: KonPod Content Scraper

KonPod Content Scraper is an automatic plugin that copies content and posts automatically
from any website. With tons of useful and unique features.

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[+] 4 Semi Exclusive Software

B0nus 1: Email Leads From KonPod

If you want to get real customer leads. So we have brought for you Mobile
and Email based client leads form items. Where you will get the customer verified
leads. We have designed many forms which you can use as per your requirement.
You will get leads from a real customer. Which can be mobile or email-based.

B0nus 2: Website Security

Website Security will protect your website from hackers, attacks, and other threats.
It will protect your website from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injections), XSS Vulnerabilities,
Proxy Visitors, VPN Visitors, TOR Visitors, Spam, and many other types of threats.

B0nus 3: Loud Captcha

LoudCaptcha is a simple form for verification of any “token” in case the submitted request is human
input. We all know that today's captchas generate strings that most of the time is hard to read from the
eye of a human and this requires that the page must reload (refresh) to generate a new captcha string, and
after refreshing the page, you may lose some of the information you’ve already written in the input fields,
meanwhile, this creates frustration for you as a user.

B0nus 4: KonPod Links

KonPod allows you to automatically apply links to an HTML document.

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[+] 10 General Software

B0nus 1:  Podcast With KonPod
B0nus 2: Life Invoice Manager
B0nus 3: Designer Coupons
B0nus 4: Agency Website For LifeDesign
B0nus 5: Life Gallery
B0nus 6: Life Wall
B0nus 7: Life Spy
B0nus 8: KonPod Slider
B0nus 9: Life Physical Product Designer
B0nus 10: KonPod Blaster

[+] 4 Very Special Software

B0nus 1: Crude Builder
B0nus 2: Amazon Store Builder
B0nus 3: Amazon Affiliate Blog Builder
B0nus 4: Design IQ

[+] 6 Custom Made Software

B0nus 1: QR Code Generator
B0nus 2: Puzzle Tool Kit
B0nus 3: Puzzle Builder CRM
B0nus 4: eCommerce Platform
B0nus 5: Text to Speech Marketplace
B0nus 6: Sell your Services Online

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[+] 10 Special Software

B0nus 1: 40 Softwares In One Bundle
B0nus 2: YouTube Marketing Software
B0nus 3: Coupons & Discounts Platform
B0nus 4: Host and Share Files Software
B0nus 5: Youtube Collection software
B0nus 6: Facebook Page and Group Poster
B0nus 7: Booking System
B0nus 8: Digital Product Sales and Management Software
B0nus 9: Affiliate Store Software
B0nus 10: Ecommerce Marketing Software

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KonPod DFY 10 Million Articles RESELLER 
You will get Access to 10 Million DFY Articles that you can Resell to anyone of use them for your Blogs. These are High Quality Articles made by expert writers to cater all your niche Article Needs 

KonPod 50 Premium Themes RESELLER 
Build Instant Websites using these amazing themes and fill the content using KonPod. You can Build 50 instant websites in a day using KonPod and automate the content publishing. You can also sell these websites on Flippa or to local clients. 

KonPod Effortless Google News Formula
3-step method guarantees first page ranking in minutes using a little-known Google news loophole. Click-by-click instructions will have you set up with your own Google News site from scratch in just 40 minutes. How to use Google’s “first click free program” to earn passive income with your own membership site.
How to sell Google News approved sites on Flippa for thousands of dollars.
How to use niche sites to build email lists and earn money with affiliate marketing.
And much more

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KonPod Traffic Master (Value $997)
I Will Give you access to a course that will allow You to Generate More Traffic from Content that has been created by profit Content, It will allow you to triple your traffic growth in just a few days. explores ways to create a content marketing strategy. Now you can identify the content which will keep your customers coming back, create that content, distribute it online, and measure the results with hand-free mode step by step.

KonPod Article to Videos (Value $997)
I Will Give You Access to Software Which will Turn Article Content or Article into videos, Allowing you to upload those videos online and share them with the world, You can connect this with KonPod Software and Earn Profit from Video ads and other's different revenue stream.

KonPod New Maker (Value $397)
I will Give You Access to exclusive software, It will allow you to import bulk content from 100 different news websites at a click of a button, plus you can get content on 60+ different languages and niches. now you can target the world’s wild audience for getting more traffic and sales from the content-based website on autopilot, Fun The fact you can use this software for creating a high content auto blogging website as well as 50x your result.

KonPod SEO Content RESELLER (Value $397)
I will give you access to an exclusive VIP software app that will allow you to create high-quality SEO-friendly articles that you can use alongside KonPod Software. Our Software will allow you to create organic content for any new website at the click of a button without anyone having to write something on their own, plus an additional feature that allows you to auto-share content to the different web directories for gaining more backlinks on hands-free mode. This software will help you to 100x your traffic and result in content marketing.

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KonPod SEO Booster RESELLER (Value $456)
I will give you our new VIP software that will allow you to 10x your website organic traffic without doing SEO, Our app is an SEO booster app that will take care of your website SEO on its own allowing you to rank your website/blog post links to the web directory for creating a high-quality backlink, so your website and the content will rank higher and better on search engines allowing you to get more traffic 24/7, Plus all traffic will be organic and free of cost.

KonPod Content Share RESELLER (Value $297)
I will give you access to exclusive software which will let you auto-share the content generated from KonPod from your website to social media platforms on autopilot. It comes with various features like schedule, calendar, auto-scheduler, auto social sharing, and much more. It will increase your free traffic to your website without having to deepen the search engine traffic.

KonPOd Traffic Secrets (Value $497)
I will give you access to a premium course that will allow you to generate more traffic from content that has been created by KonPod software. It will allow you to triple-digit traffic growth in just a few days. Explores ways to create a content marketing strategy, identify the content which will keep your traffic coming back, create the content, distribute it online and measure the results with hands-on the step-by-step guidance

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